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Difference between Herbal,Natural, Ayurvedic & organic product.

Have you been to the market intending to buy a product? & you ended up in a Question seeing all kinds of labels; 100% Natural, Organic, Herbal, and Ayurvedic,organic? If your answer is yes, don’t worry as a lot of people get confused between these product categories.

Don't worry we have explained.

As all these products have been popular in markets.there still confusion when it comes to difference as many properties of these products seem to overlap.


-The word Herbal originated from the medieval Latin liber herbails (“book of herbs”).

-These products are also useful for improving one’s health and various

therapeutic reasons.

-All herbal products are claimed to be free of chemicals. However, it involves pesticides for growing the ingredients for these products.


-The products are manufactured with nature derived ingredients such as plants and minerals so called as naturals

Natural products are formulated without the involve of petroleum or mineral oil derived ingredients. Further, these products are free of preservatives, additives and synthetic fragrance .

However, other chemicals are used to enhance these natural ingredient’s growth, including pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


-Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which means “life knowledge”, and it is known for its natural ways to treat conditions.

- Ayurvedic products have their origin from ancient medical science.

-These products are formulated using various indigenous herbs. However, the composition of ayurvedic products also contains heavy metals like sulphur, gold, silver, tin, copper, mercury and even some animal ingredients.


– These products are made from natural ingredients and are free from any toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides.

– The ingredients are derived from plants that are grown with a few approved methods, including biodiversity conservation, cultural integration and ecological balance promotion.

– For organic products, healthy fertile soil is developed to replace nutrients from the land by previous crops, while adding organic materials to the soil such as compost.

– Organic products are not tested on animals which implies that they are cruelty-free.

We think so the doughts has been cleared !!!

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