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hair oil white bottles


Hair oil improves the quality of the hair & prevent the damage. These are lubricants, these are best for detangling wet hair & prevent the knots. These are also a sealant, so they seal the cuticle down. These have many different used & help you in achieving healthy, shiny hair. It is easy to use. These focus on strength & hydration.

Uniquely formulated with 35+ natural oil which helps in growth of the hair.getting hair oil done is process that nourishes hair from roots to tips which contains the following benefits:

  • Prevents Hair Loss

  • Strengthens your Hair

  • Promotes Hair Growth

  • Nourishes your Hair Roots

  • Improve Hair Texture

  • Helps in Dandrurfs and Scalp related issues.

Private Label & Third Party services Available in your own brand.


  • onion hair oil

  • apple cider vinegar hair oil

  • Rice bran hair oil

  • amla hair oil

  • jasmin hair oil

  • almond hair oil

  • castor hair oil

  • sesame hair oil

  • Argon hair oil

  • coconut hair oil


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